There’s a Huge Earning Potential in Training!

Walang pera sa pagtuturo!  ‘Yan ang paniniwala ng marami. Yan din ang akala ko pero nagkamali ako! 

Hilig mo bang magturo pero nangangamba ka na hindi ka kailanman pwedeng yumaman?  Of course, you wanted to pursue your passion but you’re also concerned about your financial well-being!  Well, this post might just be what you’ve been looking for to motivate you to get into your dream job, which is teaching. I got into teaching not because I was after great compensation because from the very beginning I was warned, “Hindi ka yayaman sa pagtuturo kase walang pera dyan.” But because I really enjoyed teaching and believed that I was making a difference in the lives of my students and in the world, I decided to stay for years… many years. And yes, my salary when I left after 13 years was around P25,000 from P5,800 when I started back in 1994. It was not really that much. Mukang wala talagang pera sa pagtuturo. Then, I moved to the corporate world as a training consultant. That’s when my eyes were opened to the fact, ‘May pera pala sa pagtuturo.’ My salary was almost double as a training consultant plus commission and incentive. I was getting much. ‘Uy, mukang may pera nga sa pagtuturo.’ I then realized that Training Consultancy was really a lucrative business. The training company was earning much from both in-house training and public seminars. Clients companies were paying hundreds of thousands just to have their employees trained. In return, they pay their trainers good money for delivering excellent training services to their clients. Companies indeed invest in their employee education. ‘May pera nga sa pagtuturo.’ Then, I became the Learning &Development Head of one very big holdings company which houses 16 companies under its roof. When I was hired, my compensation package, you guessed it right, was again bigger than what I was getting as a training consultant. It was in this role when I was exposed to different kinds of trainers, speakers and consultants. They offered their services to train our employees on soft skills, technical skills and attitude enhancement. These trainers, speakers and consultants charged a lot…as in a lot! Their rates range from P20,000 per day to as much as P70,000 for an 8-hour engagement. The rate depends on the topic and the number of participants. There are even others, doing keynote speeches and motivational talks who charge from P30,000-P50,000 for 1 to 2-hour of talk to a group of 20 to 100 participants. Still there are others, who are considered the ‘gurus’ or known experts in their respective fields whose rates are of 6-figures, from P100,000 to 500,000 per engagement/event of 2-3 days. That’s when I was finally convinced, “Maraming pera sa pagtuturo!” But what made the big bucks in training or consulting possible are the 3 E’s which these training professionals and consultants have worked real hard for. These 3 E’s are Expertise, Experience, and Exposure. These trainers, speakers and consultants are paid commensurate to the level of their 3 E’s. The level of your 3 E’s will get you to the earning potential that you’ve been dreaming of. The real deal, therefore, comes with doing freelance training and consultancy. Companies are willing to spend on trainers, speakers and consultants who are considered experts in their fields with years of solid experience and exposure to the kind of work they require. So, sa mga nagsasabing walang pera sa pagtuturo, you may want to reconsider your claim! Yes, there might not be much money in teaching in the academe; but money abounds in corporate training and consulting. For those who are still in doubt, you might want to explore more of doing skills training, resource speaking or business consulting as either a profession or a business, and find out for yourself the potential of this line of work or business. If you want to know more about Building Your Training, Speaking or Consulting career, then stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on this topic.  You may also want to check our course, Speak like a Pro for Newbie Trainers, Speakers and Coaches, for your first step in establishing your training and speaking career.

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