Speak like a Pro
for Newbie trainers, speakers & coaches

The foundation of every aspiring trainer, speaker, or coach is effective presentation and communication skills.  Without this skills set, it's going to really be very challenging to build a successful training, speaking, or coaching  career.  You need to be very good at it if you want to thrive in this industry. 

" I flunked my first presentation role play as a newbie trainer. That almost made me quit!
It's a good thing I didn't because, if I did, I would not have been successful  as a professional trainer and speaker for over a decade now, reaping the rewards of this profession." 

I am Apple Diaz, a professional trainer and speaker.  I now co-own an Business Consultancy Company delivering HR and Training solutions to many companies nationwide.  I used to be the Learning and Development Head of the second largest multi-format retail company in the Philippines.  It is in this company where I established a Retail Academy for the 16 different companies under its roof to provide training and development initiatives for more than 18,000 direct-hired employees.  I was a Training Consultant for one of the leading Training and Consultancy firms in the country.  I was in charge of the end-to-end management of Training programs for different client companies and was exposed to conducting public seminars on various Communication topics. However, my work life started as a classroom teacher in one of the exclusive Catholic schools for boys in Metro Manila.  I enjoyed teaching so much that I spent more than a decade in the academe.  All these successes wouldn't have been possible if I didn't first focus on honing my communication and presentation skills. 

" During my very first training session, I remember I was so nervous that my voice was cracking and my hands were shaking as I explained to my participants how to go about the next activity.
And every time I tried to smile, my cheeks and my mouth were trembling too."

So, you see.  I was just like you when I was starting.  I was nervous.  I was  doubtful of my abilities.  I was afraid to commit mistakes. I was struggling to be composed and truly confident especially when faced with intimidating audiences, foreigners particularly. 

Like you, I had several questions haunting me as I was just beginning my training journey.  I'm sure you also have these questions terrifying you. 

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    How can I overcome nervousness or get rid of the butterflies in the stomach?
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    How can I make my presentation appealing to and fun for my audience so they won't be put to sleep?
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    How can I influence my audience to say 'yes' to my proposal?
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    Is is all right to be humorous or even use jokes during a business presentation?
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    What activities can I incorporate so that my participants remain engaged?
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    If there are challenging audience members, how can I best manage them?
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    What are the do's and don'ts when speaking in front of an audience?
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    What should I do if I do not know the answer to a question asked by an audience member?
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    How can I make my PowerPoint slide deck powerful?
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    How can I organize my talk in a way my audience can best understand?

These are the questions and more that we will be answering in Speak like a Pro Coaching Program.  We will not just provide you with answers from the books but we will give you real life stories of trainers, speakers and coaches who were also  challenged at first but eventually came out successful in the field.  Their techniques and strategies are what we will also share in our Speak like a Pro Coaching Program.  So, you will learn not just from my very own experiences but those of my network of trainers, speakers, and coaches friends. 

" I attended several training on communication. I underwent an international Trainer certification program, and I allowed myself to be mentored by those who were way ahead of me." 
I had to admit that I needed all the help in order to be very good at presenting and training.  The journey was a humbling experience. 

What did I do then to improve my communication and presentation skills so that I can level up in terms of my performance as a Trainer?  I invested in myself.  I invested time, effort and money to be a very good presenter and trainer.  I had to admit that I needed help in order to improve.  I had to subject myself to regular feedback session with my mentors that time.  Not all the time, I got good feedback, but I also got a lot of feedback on areas for improvement.  I had to swallow my pride in order to gain more of it later on.  It was indeed a humbling experience.

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" For many years, I have trained and coached trainers, managers, sales professionals and corporate employees who need to be better in conducting training, doing project and proposal updates, and conducting product presentations.  
My years of experience as a presentation coach to many of my participants and coachees is what I have put in the Speak like a Pro Coaching Program."

What People Have to Say about
Speak like a Pro Coaching  Program

"Improving your communication skills improves every part of your life and Ms. Apple's Speak like a Pro session truly made that impact in my team. The various training methods utilized in the session were all very effective but what really stayed with every trainer are the feedback given to their presentation delivery. Having an expert like Ms. Apple look into your craft and guide you towards improvement is an experience you'll definitely want to have more often. Definitely, at the end of the training every participant will be able to communicate their thoughts with more confidence and deliver their presentations with refinement."
         ---Anna Melissa Agay, Store Training Head, Ministop PH

If you're looking for a program that will help you establish your very own training, speaking or coaching career, then this program will help transform you from an insecure newbie trainer, speaker , or coach to a truly confident and effective one!
The Speak like a Pro Coaching Program is the most comprehensive 8-week intensive and extensive course with honest-to-goodness feedback session that you won't find in other similar programs out there.  

How will you benefit from
Speak like a Pro Coaching Program?  

In 8 weeks, to ensure that you get the full benefits of this course, you will:

  • get a complete guide in designing, crafting, and delivering your message to ensure you have the right message for the right audience;
  • have personalized coaching sessions with me and your classmates that will highlight both your strength and areas to work on;
  • experience a 3-level performance assessment: self, peer and trainer assessment that will cover all aspects of effective communication and presentation skills. 

Most of the available training programs on Presentation Skills will give you the theories and very little of application, but they will not provide you the practice sessions that you need to fully apply your learning. 
The Speak like a Pro Coaching Program will provide you with the most important theories only and will devote most of the time to actual application and coaching session.  

what will you learn from
Speak like a Pro Coaching Program?  

Here's what you'll learn from the 8-week of engagement.

Week One:  Principles of Successful Presenters for Successful Presentations
In week 1, you will realize that great presenters are made and not born.  As to how they were able to make it big in the industry is a product of different principles and beliefs which they acquired from others whose success they were able to witness; thus they adopted and applied.

A. Mind Your Way to Success: Powerful Mind Tricks that Will Make You Wired for Successful Presentations
B. The Science of Persuasion: 6 Proven Ways to Get a YES from Any Type of Audience
C. Tame the Butterflies: Understanding the Psychology Behind Stage Fright and How to Beat Presentation Anxiety
D. One Size Doesn't Fit All:  Different Types of Presentations and How to Be Successful Delivering Each

Week Two:  Presentation Clinic #1:  Sell Me This Pen!
In week 2, you are made to apply the learning from week 1.  You are tasked to deliver a speech of persuasion on a chosen topic.  Your output will be submitted to your coach and will be subjected to a 3-level assessment.  A guide will be provided when doing the feedback session.

Week Three:  How to Craft the Best Message
In week 3, you will learn that crafting the best message is borne out of careful planning and preparation.  You need not be born with the gift of gab but if you will devote time and effort in doing your research and in coming up with a customized presentation for your target audience then you are far better than those who simply know how to talk but talk without making meaning to their audience. 

A. It's All About Your Audience; Never about You:  The Secret of Great Presenters Revealed
B. Begin with an End in Mind:  Know What Your Purpose Is and Tie Everything to It
C. Craft the Most Meaningful Story:  Be Engaging by Learning to StorySell
D. Keep Your Audience Awake and Engaged:  Spice Up Your Presentation

E.  Design the Most Engaging Presentation Deck:  Be an Effective Visual Designer 

Week Four:  Presentation Clinic #2:  It's Storytelling Time!
In week 4, you are made to apply the learning from week 3.  You are tasked to be a storyteller on a chosen topic.  Your output will be submitted to your coach and will be subjected to a 3-level assessment.  A guide will be provided when doing the feedback session.

Week Five:  How to Deliver a Compelling Presentation
In week 5, you will understand that designing the best presentation is just half of the work.  Unless you'll be able to deliver that piece which you have crafted in the most confident and compelling manner, it will remain to be a piece of written work... a deck of slides... a meaningless piece. How to deliver a presentation in a manner your audience could relate to, and in a way it will send the message across in the most effective way, utilizing your tools of communication, is what this portion is about.   

A. Instantly Connect with Your Audience: Simple Techniques that Yield Results
B. Project A Confident Look:  Look like a Charismatic Expert
C. Sound Credible yet Conversational as You Communicate:  Be Relatable
D. Speak Positively and Assertively:  Do Away with Intimidating Expressions
E. Maximize Your Visuals and Your Materials:  Use Them Well

Week Six:  Presentation Clinic #3:  Delivering A Keynote Speech
In week 6, you are made to apply the learning from week 5.  You are tasked to be a motivational speaker on a chosen topic.  Your output will be submitted to your coach and will be subjected to a 3-level assessment.  A guide will be provided when doing the feedback session.

Week Seven:  The Presenter's Worst Nightmare
In week 7, you will learn the possible roadblocks that will hinder you from delivering your presentation effectively no matter how ready you are.  These are things that you may not have prepared for that can ruin your entire presentation.  Managing these unexpected even before they happen is a great strategy.  How these could be addressed will be revealed to you in this portion.    

A. When Questions become Tough:  How to Answer Confidently the Most Difficult Questions
B. Anticipate the Worst Scenarios: Technical Glitches, Power Interruptions, and Other Delays
C. Deal with Challenging Audience Members:  The Expert, The Nega Star, The Passive

Week Eight:  Presentation Clinic #4:  Watch Me!
In week 8,  you are made to apply the learning from the entire course.  You are tasked to be deliver a speech or presentation of your choice complete with materials. Your output will be submitted to your coach and will be subjected to a 3-level assessment.  A guide will be provided when doing the feedback session.

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How do I enroll in
Speak like a Pro Coaching Program?  

The Speak like a Pro Coaching Program for Newbie Trainers, Speakers and Coaches
will be launching very soon. We will let you know once we're accepting enrollees.
Should you have any queries, feel free to send us an email at inspiringtrainers@gmail.com.
You may also visit and like our facebook page, Presentation Coach, and for any of your comments or questions, do send us a message. We love to hear from you.